Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kindle, Kindle, Kindle

So I just bought my first Kindle. It should get here tomorrow. Whee! I'd wanted an ereader for some time, but utterly balked at the prices. With their most recent cutback to $189, it fell smack into a doable price range for me. (And yes, I've read that they should drop even more by the holidays. If they do, I might buy me a Nook too, just to compare. Ha.)

So, hooray! Now, years ago, when the concept of ereaders first came out, I was among the many skeptical. I love the heft and feel and smell of a real live book. Growing up in a household of readers and books, I early on acquired the habit of collecting as many books as possible. I am far more choosy now...but my shelves still groan with alarm at the sight of yet another paper book entering the house! Nothing will ever beat the feel of a real book in hand. Nothing.

However. All that said, here are my reasons for finally buying one of them new-fangled futuristic ereader things:

1) I feel bad for the trees. Like, really bad.
2) I feel bad for my bookshelves. I feel especially bad when I buy new ones and am faced with putting them together. Grr...
3) I love e-publishing, and reading tales pubbed in such form on my laptop is very hard on my peepers.
4) I love the idea of carrying around tons of books...in one slender little package.

So hats off the developers who could see into the future. And thank goodness for the competitive market.

Now, back to waiting with one foot tapping for the man in the brown uniform to show up at my doorstep with my lovely new delivery...

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