Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm in love...

...with my Kindle. For reals. That thing sees more time with me than my print books now. The ease of buying! The quickness of the download! How light and easy to operate it is! Heaven.

But I gotta tell ya. This is a funny pronouncement from a woman who was utterly opposed to electronic publishing back in the day. I mean, I was brutally against it. When Amazon attended BEA (Book Expo America, then called ABA), many of us print publishers and supporters of small, independent bookstores were horrified. Digital? Sacrilege! They were going to destroy small publishers, small bookstores, change the world!

Well, they did indeed. And it was, and still is, sad in many ways. But here's more brutal honesty: That's the way of the world. Things change. Advances are made, discoveries promoted, things end, and people adapt. They really do. Eventually. I still do and always will love paper-printed books. I very mildly dabble in rare book collecting, and there are certain authors whose books I automatically buy in hardcover. But being the kind of voracious reader I am, as well as a total nature girl, the invention of e-ink and e-readers was a marvelous thing on many levels. Pocketbook, environmentally, my aching eyes. So I do now embrace it fully. Even so, I haven't abandoned print books, and I very much understand the multiple layers of debate that are swirling now on the subject of digital publishing.

The recent announcement by Dorchester that they are going to an ebook model is earth-shaking in a lot of ways. I totally, totally get that many people out there will never use ereaders. Print books should never go away, is my thought...although perhaps one day they will. (Shudder! Don't like that idea, but it's a possibility for sure.) You can read a more detailed analysis and very intense comments over here at Dear Author.

How does the saying go, though? "The more things change..." Indeed. It will be utterly fascinating to follow this whole digital evolution of the book publishing world over the next decade, as we settle more into technology and try to find a good balance between that and what may now rightfully be called our "old ways." The dust will settle eventually. Always does. But here comes another round of ire, conflict, confusion, and basically balking at the amazingly quick changes our world is experiencing right now. And I do understand the reasons behind it all.

Still in love with my Kindle as well as my print books. :)

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