Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wiki world building...huh?

So I had the coolest idea for an urban fantasy the other day. I was reading a really well-written, sexy novella, and it mentioned something I'd never heard of before: Hedge Witches. Well, maybe I've heard of them, but don't know much about them.

I don't want to spin off too much into my idea (the suspicious author says, nervously casting about her glance and clutching her fresh idea closely to her chest), but let's just say that a kick-ass UF heroine popped into my head, and she's not going away.

I've wanted to write a UF for a long time now. I bounced back and forth between paranormal romance and UF, and I've read some sexy hybrids (Jeaniene Frost's Grave series, for one) that are probably more likely the route I'll take.

Right now, I'm feeling both excited and overwhelmed. An entire novel? Really? And it will involve world-building too.

Which brings me to this cool thing I stumbled across some time ago: wiki world-building. Now, I haven't actually done it yet...because I didn't have a world to build yet, lol. But now of course I'm going to check it out.

Any word out there from anyone who's done wiki world-building? Useful, confusing, any feedback at all?

In the past, I've used good old real-world tools like 3x5 cards, notebooks, notes, pictures ripped from magazines, etc. etc. (This would be for all those, ah, unfinished masterpieces I have sitting around. Sigh.) These all work...but boy, do they take up a lot of room. So I think I'm going to dive into this wiki thing. I'll keep you posted... And wish me lots of application of the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair as I actually WRITE.