Sunday, June 27, 2010


Ah, summertime! My busiest time of year. Clearly, as I haven't posted since March. Right now is a bit of quiet time, actually. I have a lull before the real summer madness kicks in.

So I'm watching the second season of Breaking Bad on Netflix right now. It's actually giving me plot ideas, frighteningly enough! Sadly enough, right here in my lovely little town we probably have real life Breaking bad stories going on. Sometimes, I wish fiction were just that...only fiction. But sometimes, it happens in the real world too. So, for writers, that means that the sweet but slightly zany woman who rescues kittens can also be a meth dealer...and suddenly you have a character and a whole new storyline! Ah, perfect for the hero and heroine.

Back to the TV. Stories in visual form. I do love them!

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