Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Voices, New Me

Still super pumped about the Mills and Boon New Voices Contest. They announced the Top Ten Finalists the other day, and while I'm not one, a writer on the forum I'm active in is, and I'm stoked for her! Check out her entry, it's great. They chose some good ones for sure.

And, of course, you can still read and comment on my entry, the first chapter of my hot contemporary romance, Uninhibited. I am working on finishing it. Have the outline, just need to crank out about 33,000 more words. Cake, if I focus! ;)

Now, on to the new me portion of this post.

I've long been a yoga practitioner and an exerciser in general. My body simply demands it. Over the last year or so, however, I let my yoga practice slide into near-nothingness. And let me tell you, I felt the ramifications in all areas of my life. I'm stiffer physically, mentally less focused, emotionally more scattered. My chi was basically trampled and tattered, and I didn't like that.

As a writer, who's become a lot more focused in the past two months since I quit my day job (another story for another time), sitting at the laptop for hours on end does not do my body good! So I finally began taking my yoga practice seriously again...and what a difference! I feel so much lighter already, and it's only been a few weeks. I ordered a Shiva Rea dvd the other day, and I love it. She's a fabulous teacher, not to mention so damn strong and flexible that I have a lot to aspire to in my practice. Heh. I've been doing morning and evening routines, and even though I knew from past experience I would feel so much better, I almost feel like someone new to yoga in my awe and gratitude.

Of course, not only is this a wonderful thing for my body as well as psyche, it's doing wonders for my writing as well. Very, very pleased...and peaceful.

On with my day. Have a beautiful one out there, everyone. Namaste, and happy writing.

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