Sunday, November 8, 2009

venturing forth into the big, scary, fun world

I've been blogging for years...I twitter...oh, and I write, of course. ;) But this is a brand spanking new blog for me, and it's a big first step toward my romance writing career.

Under the name Jesi O'Connell I've published several short pieces, though in total I've published about 20 (using a variety of pseudonyms...hey, they were all super-sexy and sometimes there was more than one published per anthology so I needed multiple names). All of those were erotica, which comes easily to me. (Mm, nope, no Freudian slip there. Who, me? Uh-huh.)

I have bazillions of ideas for stories. Yep, just like most writers out there. What I need is the follow-through, the dedication and commitment to my personal writing. As Mark Twain, I believe, said, the application of the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.


So here I go! Thanks in advance for the love (gulp...I hope that comes my way, lol!) and support. Sometimes it takes a following in order to keep producing. Kind of like belonging to a writer's group. A worldwide one in this case. :)

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